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Watch the TPM in action!

Timbtrack gives you the tools to map out, inventorize, measure, easily evaluate your forest in seconds. Integrate your data with the online platform or automatically with the latest technology : The TPM Track'r

The TPM Track'r Timbtrack web application software
The TPM Platform
The TPM Track'r

New Technology!

The TPM device exists to measure your tree and record their GPS position.

Get the volume as you work on the field and much more.

Once connected to your computer, the result is downloaded and become visible on this platform.

Then print out report without effort or share information.

Autosync your data with the web platform
Auto synchronisation

Manage your trees

Visualise all measured trees on the map.

Create your parcels and get statistics.

Categorize your tree into batches.

With the TPM device, no administration is necessary anymore! Everything is automated.


New species extending & updated

The most widely used species in silviculture are integrated. Add up new species you are interested in and benefit from other users input. This way, everyone can contribute to the extension of the library.

Tree species 1 Tree species 2 Tree species 3 Tree species 4 Tree species 5 Tree species 6 Tree species 7 Tree species 8 Tree species 9 Tree species 10 Tree species 11 Tree species 12 Tree species 13 Tree species 14 And more tree species
Add tree properties,notes,locations

Go beyond

Add notes to your trees.

Add notes to other area of your land.

Record work done and to be done.

Produce a calendar of work.